Visalus Update and Overnight Oats Recipe


I thought I’d share some quick updates on how my 90-day Visalus challenge has been going. I’ve been having two shakes a day, but I doctor them up with frozen fruit and other ingredients to make them a bit tastier–and more nutritious! Typically I’ll have a shake in the morning, a small lunch and a shake in the afternoon after my workout.

Here’s a pretty typical shake: 2 scoops Visalus shake powder (90 calories), several large frozen strawberries (50 calories), one cup unsweetened almond milk (35 calories), one teaspoon chia seeds (60 calories) and one tablespoon sunflower butter (100 calories). The result is a really filling, tasty, well-rounded breakfast for 335 calories. This holds me until lunch EASILY and has plenty of protein.

I mix up the shake in my Magic Bullet (love that thing).

Then I eat the smoothie in a bowl (a la Kath) along with some coffee (French Vanilla Keurig blend with vanilla soy milk, if you’re curious). The breakfast of champions.

So far I’ve definitely lost a few pounds since starting the Visalus shakes and I’m liking the program!

Overnight Oats Recipe

I’ve had a few requests for my overnight oats recipe and decided to capture it.

The cast of characters: Rolled oats (NOT quick oats), chia seeds, cacao nibs (optional), vanilla and almond milk.

I must stress this–chia seeds make overnight oats what they are. I suppose you could leave them out, but they add an amazing chewy texture that I find insanely addictive. Not to mention their tremendous health benefits! I typically buy them at Whole Foods, but any local health food store should carry them. *End Chia Seed PSA*

For my mix, I usually use 1/3 cup rolled oats, one tablespoon chia seeds, one teaspoon cacao nibs (another superfood), 3/4 cup almond milk and one teaspoon vanilla extract. Just combine all those together in a glass or bowl and let it do its thing overnight (or for a few hours, if you’re impatient like I am).

The end result in divine: doughy, chewy oats with chia seeds that have swelled up like tapioca pearls.

I recommend topping it with some granola for added crunch and sweetness. If you recall, I don’t use any sweetener in the oats themselves, so this is where I bring in that flavor. I also add berries and a teaspoon of sunflower butter. I like to leave most of the sunflower butter on the spoon so I can manage my ratio. I find when I mix it in, I hardly taste it–which doesn’t seem worth the calories to me.

The finished product!

I swear to you I’ve actually leapt out of bed with excitement about my overnight oats. If you haven’t tried it, you must do so immediately.


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  1. I leap out of bed for overnight oats as well! haha But I need to get myself some chia seeds… I know they add a serious punch of nutrition and the really thicken up the texture 🙂 Yours look delicious!

    Glad to hear the program is working for you! It’s important to find something that works that doesn’t make you feel deprived. Sounds like you’re doing it the right way! Curious what dinner is like on the Visalus challenge?

    I miss morning smoothies :/ I have to get to work super early… I mean, I’m alone from 7:30-10 so I guess I could bring my magic bullet here but I feel like it would be too much of a hassle. So, I’ve just been doing overnight oats for the most part… still easy and pretty rad too 🙂

  2. I adore overnight oats, but I think you may have sold me on the chia seeds when you called them “tapioca pearls”. Yes, please!

  3. Hey Lauren,
    First, it was so fun to see you and your mom, and meet Jeff, at the WHYS at Rathskellar event! And, I promised to let you know about this writing class that I love.

    I just found out that we are starting on Sept. 28 — we meet every Wednesday, usually from 7 to 9:30ish. Here’s the website:


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