The beauty of simplicity


Here in the Midwest, it has been utterly, miserably sweltering for the last week. Monday, I wrapped up work and went to an excellent kickbox class where I burned 800 calories and left positively dripping with sweat. I got home and threw some cubes sirloin in a teriyaki marinade and put some rice in the rice maker. After I showered, I cooked the beef and some broccoli, bell peppers and carrots in a stirfry. By the time dinner was ready, I was feeling faint from dehydration. Between the heat, the kickboxing and slaving over the hot stove, I was completely sweaty again. That when I decided I wasn’t using the stove again until this heat wave passed.

Really, sometimes the simplest dishes are the most delicious. I’ve been eating bean burritos in multigrain tortillas topped with plain yogurt and sriracha. I also made a simple side dish to eat all week: cucumbers and grape tomatoes tossed in balsamic, Garlic Gold and a bit of salt and pepper.

So simple, so satisfying. And no need to kill myself over a hot stove!


I’ve also been enjoying cantaloupe like nobody’s business. I may have eaten two melons myself in the last week. I have a great recipe for chilled melon soup coming soon!



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