Hello, Interwebs! So sorry for my hiatus. I  recently alluded to some big changes in our lives, which I think aptly explain my disappearance…

In the last three weeks, Jeff accepted an amazing new job, my company offered to let me work remotely, and we moved back to Indianapolis!

The last few years in Boston have been incredible, but I’ve been desperately homesick and growing increasingly weary of the frenetic, impatient way of life out here. So often we left the house at 7:15 a.m. and didn’t get home until after 9 or 10. It’s been a bit draining on our relationship and mental health. I’ve definitely been slacking on exercise due to our crazy pace, and I just don’t feel happy or healthy. As Angela might say, since living in Boston I’ve lost my glow.

A few months ago we decided to intensify our job search in hopes of moving back in late spring. With the wedding coming up in October, we felt it made more sense to get the move behind us and start new jobs in time to build up enough vacation days for the honeymoon.  My friend Karin (friend and sister of one of my bridesmaid, Rachel) works for a direct email and social media marketing company headquartered in downtown Indianapolis. I’d had my eye on this company for Jeff; it just seemed like a great fit for his skills and personality. In March, Karin basically marched into the HR department with a printed copy of Jeff’s resume and explained all the reasons they needed to hire him. A week later he had a phone interview, then two weeks later they flew him to Indianapolis for an in-person interview, then just a few days later, he received the job offer!

And even more surprisingly, my company offered to let me continue working full time from Indianapolis. I’ve set up a home office! I’m extremely excited to work from home. I’m planning to get more exercise every single day, plan and cook more meals, and get more rest. I think it will give me a lot more flexibility to focus on my healthy living goals, especially those 20 pounds I’d like to lose for the wedding!

So that’s the big news! We packed up our apartment, rented a townhouse on the southside of Indy and made a giant leap all within exactly 13 days. I’m so beyond happy and excited to be back. I have a lot to share related to working from home, so expect more posts very soon!


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