Doing better! I’ve been working to get things under control the last few days, and I’m already feeling a little better. On  Friday, I came home and went for a short run before we had to leave for Jeff’s band’s gig. I knew I wanted to have some beer, so since we didn’t have much time before leaving, I decided to put together a quick “dinner” to eat in the car. Jeff was planning to eat at the bar, which I knew just wasn’t an option from a calorie-counting perspective. I threw together some red pepper sticks, two clementines, a cheese stick and some Triscuit crackers. All together, this was around 270 calories. It definitely filled me up and kept me from ordering greasy bar food!


I ended up drinking way too much at the gig…three 23 oz. beers over the course of the night. That’s around 600 calories of beer! But with my exercise, my daily total was still around 1,900, much better than had I eaten dinner at the bar and completely ditched exercise.

The rest of the weekend was okay, but not ideal. I averaged a little over 2,000 calories each day, but I had several moments that showed positive momentum:

  • I made gluten-free pancakes on Saturday morning and ate three with several pieces of turkey bacon and maple syrup. The whole meal was around 700 calories, but it served as both breakfast and lunch.
  • We ordered Thai food on Saturday night.  Since I’d had such a large brunch, I got some brothy soup and steamed dumplings, around 550 calories. Much better than a giant order of greasy Pad Thai!
  • Sunday we had Easter lunch at our friends’ house. Instead of drinking several glasses of wine as usual, I brought seltzer water and Pom juice to make some mocktails. I had several glasses of seltzer with just a splash of Pom, around 15 calories each. I still felt like I had a special drink, but it was much more reasonable than 300 calories of wine. I also made better food choices because I was thinking clearly. And an added bonus: I felt hydrated and refreshed instead of tipsy and tired!

This week I’m going to work on really staying within my calorie range, now that I’ve gotten back in a better rhythm. This weekend wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely an improvement over my typical weekend. This is the kind of progress I want to make–slow and steady, enabling actual changes that will last. I’m not looking for short-term results. I’m here to do the hard work that will pay off forever.


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