The Long Haul


I’m not going to lie—I’m having a tough day. All my clothes feel tight. And these are my “fat” clothes, not even the clothes I was wearing six months ago.  Lately I’ve been feeling an urge to go back on my protein shake diet, which I know would result in pretty immediate results. The last time I did the diet, I lost almost 15 pounds in three weeks. But I’m also pretty certain I lost a fair amount of muscle mass from being on such a low-calorie diet, which made the loss almost impossible to maintain. I mentioned the idea of going back on the diet to my best friend and maid of honor, Zainab, and her response really clicked for me. She said: “I don’t think you should do another diet based on punishing yourself.” Wow. I hadn’t even realized I was punishing myself at the time, but in reality, does an 800-calorie-a-day diet sound like a loving, respectful way to treat your body? And why in the world would I attempt a diet that clearly didn’t provide a long-term solution for me? As I’ve heard from the weight loss blogging community, “Diets work. They just don’t last.”

It hasn’t clicked for me, this whole concept of a “lifestyle change.” I haven’t found the long-term solution that works for me yet. I think my aversion to the details really holds me back. I have a hard time counting calories, measuring portions, weighing myself regularly. I think my struggle come down to the fact that I attach too much emotion to anything even remotely weight related. I need to approach it from a more scientific perspective.

I’ve been thinking about how I just want my struggle with weight to be over as quickly as possible. That’s the exact wrong perspective. If I truly want to win, I have to keep fighting the battle my entire life. And really, I have a good baseline for success. Think about this:

  • I LOVE healthy cooking. Nothing makes me happier than preparing a yummy, healthy meal.
  • I love vegetables and fruit.
  • I have a job that pays me well. I can afford quality ingredients.
  • I’m a nutrition junkie: I love learning about new foods and new strategies. I have a lot of knowledge about weight loss at my disposal.
  • I have a supportive, loving fiancé who will do anything he can to help me on my journey. He also LOVES healthy food and will eat anything I make.
  • I enjoy exercise, and it almost always makes me feel happier and more balanced.

The only thing holding me back is just actually DOING this. Every day. The consistency factor is really missing for me. I need to plan things out and stay focused on doing my best every single day. My wedding is less than six months away, and I just won’t feel as happy on that day unless I start doing this for myself.

So here’s my plan—I’m going to post on this blog every single day. Post my calories, post my exercise. It might be a little boring, but I want to use this space to keep me on track. Expect a post later day recapping day one!


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  1. Hi, sweetie! I’m sorry you’re feeling badly, but just remember: you are beautiful! Anyway, my good friend from school told me about this book/diet called “the 17 day diet.” She lost 5 lbs in the first week and I just told my sister about it, and she’s starting it, too. It’s similar to Atkins, I think. There’s not much about it online, though, so I think if you’re interested, you have to buy the book! Let me know if you want to talk to my friend Diana about it, and I will give you her email! 🙂 Or you can wait a few weeks and my sister will be more informed, too!

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