One more day up in the canyon


I picked up a new journal I’ve been trying to find for several weeks. I first heard about it from Emily at Daily Garnish. The basic concept is simple: Write a few sentences about your day–every day–for five years. It’s a beautiful robin’s egg blue color. I also appreciate the correctly-hyphenated subtitle, grammar nerd I am. 🙂


Each page captures an update from a particular day five years in a row. You fill in the appropriate year, then jot down a few sentences about your most memorable activities that day. It seems like a big commitment in a way, vowing to write a few sentences every single night for five entire years, but I think this concept appeals to me so much because I love the idea of freezing moments in time. I’ve been known to slip into existential freak-outs in which I mourn the loss of every single second passing, never to be experienced again. It seems like memories are the ultimate currency of life, since the moment is fleeting and impossible to pin down. As noted by Counting Crows in “Long December,” one of my favorite songs: “I can’t remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass.”

This journal is a great reminder that by making each day the best it can be, you can relive moments forever through your memory. I really like the idea of looking back at what I was doing each day during this transitional era of young adulthood. My life is bound to change so much in the next five years–marriage, buying a house and hopefully starting a family.

Take for the example the below excerpt I jotted down this past Sunday. I have no idea where I’ll be in five years from now, but as I fill in future April thirds, I’ll remember a gorgeous day Jeff and I spent with my dad in downtown Boston.


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