Making Chicken Parm (Alternate Title: “Why Jeff is Marrying Me”)


This past weekend Jeff turned 28. I knew I had to make him one of his favorite dishes, Chicken Parmesan.  But of course I had to lighten it up just a bit!

I started with two organic, free-range chicken breast. I pounded them out a bit to make them thinner. More surface area = crispy, delicious flavor.


Next I put together my breading: some panko bread crumbs and seasoning. As a sidenote, if you’ve never tried Garlic Gold products, you are seriously missing out! My best friend gave me a Garlic Gold gift package for Christmas and my life just hasn’t been the same.


I beat one egg in a small bowl and coated each chicken breast in the mixture.


Next I browned them in a bit of olive oil. I was quite happy with the golden brown crust that formed!


Then I transferred them to the oven (set at 365) for 15 more minutes of baking.


I used rice pasta to cut down the gluten in the dish, per my recent post.


I topped the chicken breasts with some jarred sauce (Barilla tomato basil) and some slices of low-fat mozzarella cheese. I used a bit more cheese than normal since we were celebrating! 🙂


And lastly, isn’t fresh basil just divine? I rolled up the leaves into a cylinder…


…and cut them into beautiful julienned strips!


The finished products! It was incredibly flavorful and delicious. The birthday boy was quite pleased!



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