Knowledge is Power


Last night I went out for dinner and drinks at Solea, a delicious tapas bar in downtown Waltham, Mass. I had almost 500 calories of wine over the course of three hours! I alternated the wine with glasses of water, but in hindsight two glasses would have sufficed.  For dinner, I had a few bites of each of the small dishes we ordered for the table: beef tenderloin covered in a cilantro pesto (making this soon!), roasted potatoes in a spicy aoili, goat cheese and tomato on bread, delicious broiled quail. We also split three small desserts: an orange-flavored flan (AMAZING with the subtle caramel flavors), a chocolate tarte and bananas with caramel and butterscotch ice cream. I didn’t stuff myself during the meal, but I still exceeded my daily calorie target by almost 900. I tracked every bite, though, and at least I know!

After all that wine, I felt a little blah this morning! Nothing a reduced fat blueberry muffin and large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts can’t fix! (Picture taken while stopped in rush hour traffic this morning…)

Also, I’m wearing a cheery yellow sweater today! Here’s hoping spring is just around the corner. After the winter we’ve had in Boston, I think we definitely deserve it! Have a great day, everyone! 🙂


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