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Hello, blog world! As an avid reader of healthy living blogs and a blossoming home cook, I’m ready to get my voice out there!

First, a quick introduction. My name is Lauren. I’m a 26-year-old Indianapolis native currently residing in the Boston area with my fiance and our miniature schnauzer, Sydney.

Lauren, Jeff & Sydney

Lauren, Jeff & Sydney

By day I’m a public relations executive for an agency specializing in high-tech clients and social media, so I’m no stranger to the blogosphere from a professional perspective. I’m interested in sharing my thoughts on the fight to live a healthy lifestyle in an increasingly unhealthy culture.

My history with weight is a bit of a roller coaster ride. All throughout high school I thought I was huge, although looking back I realize I was completely normal.

Me circa 2002

Lauren circa 2002

The first couple years of college, I exercised and ate better and maintained my weight. I was starting to feel good about how I looked, but I was still really insecure. Here’s a pic of me (on the far left) and some friends from college. Yes, that’s Jeff in the foreground–a good couple years before we got together!

Lauren & Friends

Lauren & Friends in 2003

About a year and half after this picture was taken,  Jeff and I finally admitted  to the romantic connection that had been forming between us. Having been friends first, our relationship was instantly serious. We quickly became extremely absorbed in each other and started putting on “relationship weight.” You know the drill–lots of romantic dinners with wine and dessert, slacking on exercise because you’re with someone who makes you feel amazing unconditionally. Long story short, by 2006 we’d both put on a staggering 50 pounds.

Lauren and Jeff in winter 2005

Lauren and Jeff in winter 2005

We were stuck in a relationship “bubble”, oblivious to everything including our health. We felt terrible, looked terrible and our lives were in disarray. It’s funny how often the outside mirror the insides, and this situation was certainly no different.

Jeff graduated from college in 2005, and by 2006 we moved to Indianapolis. It was a welcome change of pace for both of us and a great opportunity to get back on track health-wise. I was finishing my BA in journalism, commuting down to IU Bloomington each day, and Jeff had begun working at the Indiana Attorney General’s Office as a project manager. We went on Weight Watchers together and slowly began taking off the pounds. I lost and kept off 30 pounds, and Jeff lost over 45 pounds (seemingly effortlessly). I exercised frequently, and Jeff controlled his weight through diet. We were looking and feeling much more like ourselves.

Lauren & Jeff in 2007

Lauren & Jeff in 2007

However, the stress of finishing 18 credit hours my senior year while working 25 hours a week caused my weight to swing up again in 2008. By graduation in May, I’d put on 15 pounds.

Graduation, May 2008

Graduation, May 2008

We moved to Boston in fall 2008, and almost immediately I began taking off some of the extra pounds. I was thrilled to finally be on the same schedule as Jeff. We could eat dinner together every night. My healthy cooking repertoire began expanding, and we continued dropping the pounds.

Circa 2009

Circa 2009

Somewhere along the line, my cooking went from passable to pretty good! I began perfecting one recipe at a time, and my kitchen skills went from “inflicts third-degree burns while microwaving baked potatoes” to “produces delicious, healthy meals most nights of the week.”

These days Jeff and I work to maintain our happy, healthy lifestyle. Here were are in June 2010 celebrating Jeff’s little sister’s high school graduation. Jeff has lost an unbelievable 60 pounds from his heaviest weight, and I’m down over 45 pounds from my heaviest.

Katie's Graduation, June 2010

Katie's Graduation, June 2010

The biggest change in recent years happened in September 2010. After seven amazing years together, Jeff popped the question! We’re getting married in October! Follow along as I continue my healthy lifestyle and shape up for the big day! I’ll be eating plenty of lettuce, with some cake thrown in there for good measure! 🙂

Pic from Our Engagement Session, February 2011

Pic from Our Engagement Session, February 2011


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  1. Absolutely love it! I liked the blast from the past photos 🙂 So glad you finally got started on this blog. I love you!

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