Better Than Takeout


Jeff and I ride to work together every day, saving us the expense of another car. It’s nice, actually; we have coffee and breakfast together in the morning, and in the evening we’re completely caught up on each other’s day by the time we get home. Last night we marveled at the amazing time we’d made. Home by 6:15 and no plans for the night! Then Jeff remembered Sydney had her annual check up at the vet at 7:30. With just 15 minutes to make dinner, I tore up some kale and coated it with nonstick cooking spray and a little salt, garlic powder and parmesan. I spread it on a baking sheet and popped it in at 350 for 13 minutes. Meanwhile, I stabbed two sweet potatoes and microwaved them for 9 minutes. Lastly, I threw a can of Trader Joe’s turkey chili on the stove. Thrown together, we had a delicious and healthy meal (around 500 calories) faster than you could even decide on your takeout order. Take that, takeout!

This was my first experience making kale chips, and I have to say they were DELICIOUS! Slightly salty, flavorful and fun to eat. I followed Kath’s tutorial almost exactly. They were fairly crispy even without a salad spinner, but I’ll definitely be investing in one soon to maximize the crisp. Suffice to say, I’ll be making kale chips very often moving forward! This entire serving was under 60 calories and packed with fiber and nutrients.


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